Aphix Software: Scalable, Omnichannel E-Commerce Platform for Maximized Sales

Aphix Software: Scalable, Omnichannel E-Commerce Platform for Maximized Sales

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Graham O’Rourke, CEO, Aphix SoftwareGraham O'Rourke, CEO
Today, B2B wholesale and distribution companies face tremendous difficulties in managing extensive inventories as well as complex pricing and selling processes. They require a platform that can seamlessly handle order management, embrace B2B mobile and digital ordering apps, and aid them to take orders from different channels with featured pricing and product visibility.

Aphix Software offers cloud-based digital ordering solutions and mobile apps from a flexible e-commerce ordering platform that provides better visibility over products to customers for improved sales. “With us, B2B wholesalers and distributors can improve how their business operates, increase their digital presence and sell products not only on their retail and B2B ordering websites but also on global e-commerce marketplaces such as Facebook and Amazon,” says Graham O’Rourke, CEO of Aphix.

The scalable and omnichannel Aphix platform smoothly integrates with all the major ERP and other back-office systems (which are the brain of a business.) The tight integration means users only have to maintain one system (the ERP) in order to update everything from products and pricing, saving both time and cost for a business. The flow of real-time ERP data through the platform, allows field sales reps to use mobile devices to place digital orders directly without any administrative intervention.

With Aphix, B2B companies can provide the convenience of self-service to their customers in the form of accurate stock lookups, direct order placement, customer account management, customer-specific pricing, manage returns and payments too. Aphix’s platform also aids clients in delivering an out-of-the-box personalized experience to their customers through targeted marketing messages based on factors such as time of year, related products, similar products, new products, and recently ordered goods.
As every business has unique needs, Aphix’s professional team initiates its client engagement with an implementation workshop, where they interact with the client to understand their business needs. Subsequently, the team plans the system configuration and delves into ERP integration. Further, “We fully train our clients’ staff on leveraging and customizing the platform for maximum return on investment,” exclaims O’Rourke.

A case in point, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of electrical cables to the wholesale market approached Aphix to streamline their catalog that had thousands of product codes with detailed technical specifications. Aphix enabled their UK customers to search, find, and order the requisite products online, post which, the order goes straight to their picking floor. This ordering process enhanced the electrical cable supplier’s turnaround and delivery time, thus meeting customer demands.

In another instance, Aphix assisted Quality Tractor Parts (QTP)—one of Europe’s leading wholesalers of tractor parts and spares that sell across the UK, continental Europe, and Middle East markets—to increase their global sales and deliver better customer service. Initially, QTP leveraged Aphix’s B2B web solution and later added other solutions for enhanced service delivery. The client now receives 35 percent of the orders through multiple digital channels. Profits have improved ever since Aphix’s e-commerce ordering platform has become the central source for their digital product catalog.

“We believe in working through partners to understand our clients better,” says O’Rourke. Aphix has partnered with leading brands such as SAP and Sage to expand its clientele globally. The company has recent announcements on its customer and partner expansion roadmap in the US, South Africa, and the UK.

On the product front, Aphix focuses on new technology developments dedicated to better CRM integration into its offerings, drop shipping for e-commerce, and specialist solutions for industries such as food service, building supplies, PPE and safety wear.

“We are continually striving to develop our products and our platform further to ensure B2B wholesalers and distribution companies gain a strategic advantage over their competitors while saving substantial time and cost,” concludes O’Rourke.