mediarithmics: Driving Innovation in Personalized Data Marketing

mediarithmics: Driving Innovation in Personalized Data Marketing

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Grégoire Fremiot, CRO, mediarithmicsGrégoire Fremiot, CRO
Today, we are living in a world where an organisation’s ability to fathom digital transformation defines its technological maturity in the business-scape. And in the middle of this journey toward digitalisation, data has taken up the main stage for companies to explore and ignite new business lines. Thus, every faction of an organisation—be it sales, accounts, customer relations, or marketing—are riding on the data bandwagon to optimise their capabilities. The problem, however, arises when companies have to deal with data silos. The marketing professionals, especially, experience the horror of disconnected data, when their campaigns fail to get the intended reaction from its target audience. As a veteran in both strategy consulting and digital marketing, Grégoire Fremiot is well aware of these long-standing challenges in the marketing realm, and he has a solution. His company, mediarithmics—where Grégoire Fremiot leads the company as the CRO— offers an all-in-one platform that serves all the needs of a marketing professional to make their campaigns more personalised and data-driven.

According to Grégoire Fremiot, the current situation of data-driven marketing in organisations stands extremely disorganised, incomplete, and inconsistent due to inefficient and siloed data storing practices. “At mediarithmics, to avoid such scenarios, we have concentrated our efforts on developing a platform that integrates the nuances of a customer data platform (CDP), data management platform (DMP), demand side platform (DSP), and dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) technologies into one solution,” he adds. The coalesced, unified information is then utilised for executing more personalised marketing campaigns.

Leveraging this holistic marketing platform and the expertise of mediarithmics, companies have been able to efficiently simplify their marketing operations in areas of acquisition or customer relationship management. At the same time, marketing companies have also been using the data-driven insights from the platform to seamlessly create marketing campaigns within specified budgets, launch onsite/email advertisements, or conduct cross-channel marketing campaigns with ease.

Leveraging this holistic marketing platform and expertise of mediarithmics, companies have been able to efficiently simplify their marketing operations in areas of acquisition or customer relationship management

Another major breakthrough for mediarithmics is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in its platform to help organisations optimise their acquisition budgets, personalise emails, and improve onsite and offsite marketing content. “AI lets you automate cross-channel and real-time marketing campaigns according to each customer. The marketing personnel will only have to implement and define scenarios for the marketing campaigns, and the rest shall be taken care of by our platform,” explains Grégoire Fremiot.

With big names such as Coca-Cola European Partners, Cdiscount, Prisma Media, Fnac Darty, and Alliance Gravity as their clientele in Europe, mediarithmics has numerous success stories to validate their value proposition in the marketplace. One anecdote recalled by Fremiot was about a client that required a marketing solution where they could predict the best product to sell to an individual through specific channels and ensure positive conversions. mediarithmics’ AI-powered solution, leveraging their vast marketing and e-commerce data management expertise, helped the client effectively collect all the relevant data from various sources, located all over the world, and consolidate the information into a universal and centralised database. This data helped the company in gaining real-time insights and business intelligence.

With such levels of personalisation and data monetisation capabilities, today, mediarithmics has emerged as a leader of the European digital marketing space in a very short amount of time. Moving forward, the company intends to focus more on international expansion and open new offices in the U.S. Together with that, following its current phase of recruitment and continuous R&D, mediarithmics is also on the path to empower e-commerce organisations all over the globe with their superior data marketing solutions.
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Grégoire Fremiot, CRO

mediarithmics is an end-to-end Data Marketing Platform (DMP/CDP, CrossDMP, DSP, marketing automation, DCO) operating in 16 European countries and the United States. The platform allows brands to easily launch personalized, cross-channel marketing campaigns in real time using programmatic technologies. mediarithmics also enables publishers & e-commerce sites to protect, structure and leverage the value of their Data, helping them to create new profitable business models. Our technology also powers new Data Alliances and it fully complies with the new European Data legislations, each member keeping full ownership of its data assets and measuring its data contribution